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To Date JCRW has donated 30,000 Constitutions to

Students in Jackson County

Education Program 2012

JCRW Education Program—Constitution
January 24th 2012
Editor’s Note:
The following article was written by Senator Doug Whitsett after he appeared with Senator Alan Bates at a Student Forum at the Eagle Point High School on Tuesday January 24th.
Superintendant Cynda Rickert introduced the Senators and History Teacher Pam Long fielded questions to the Senators from the students.  Eagle Point Principal Allen Barber attended along with 40 students from the  History Government  Senior Class.  Thanks to Sheila Foy, Constitution Chair Ida Pruitt and Pat Tracy for all their work in putting this forum together. And a special Thank you to History Teacher  Pam Long and Principal Allen Barber for allowing Republican Women the privilege of bringing this program to Eagle Point High School.
DOUG WHITSETT’S NEWSLETTER ARTICLE—”The Jackson County Republican women have an ongoing project to place a copy of the United States Constitution in the hands of all Jackson County public and private school students. This year they invited Senator Alan Bates and me to participate in more than two hours of conversation concerning the Constitution with senior students and faculty at the Eagle Point High School.

Education Program 2011

During Constitution Week - September 17th - Friday September 23rd - All 8th Graders in both the Public and Private Sector Schools of Jackson County received a copy of the Constitution.  This continuing program began in 2010 with fundraising that began in 2009.  In 2011 JCRW raised $9,000.00 at the 3rd annual BBQ at the Eagle Point Golf Course.  Because our Elected Officials were in a special session during constitution week, the program was put off until January 24th of 2012.  There will be a second program on Constitution Day - Monday September 17th 2012.  Details to follow...

Education Program 2010

The culmination of a year in the planning came off without a hitch—We delivered 14,000 constitutions to all of the Middle Schools—The Junior High Schools and the High Schools within Jackson County—You can all be very proud of the work done.  We all worked towards this goal.  Anyone who attended our BBQ’s—Purchased tickets for the Raffles—Worked to actually deliver the books—Did the planning & supported JCRW is to be congratulated.  Pat yourself on the back Members & Associate Members & Friends.  Very Well Done!

2nd Annual Reagan BBQ Fundraiser


You could not have asked for better weather—nor a more beautiful setting—The Decorations were spectacular—Norman of Yummy’s from Klamath out did himself—”The Food was Excellent”—We were serenaded by JCRW’s own Nightingale Nancy Hawkins—The auction was successful.
We jailed Greg Walden—Sal Esquivel and Skundrick & Rachor and all of the jams—jellies—home grown tomatoes & baked Goods SOLD OUT!! More than 150 people attended and we Made Money—Over $6,000 for our Education Fund.  To each and every member who participated—whether they were on a committee or bought goodies at the Country Store or worked in registration & ticket sales, did set up and clean up and to those who bid on the items and made our auction the best ever…….THANK YOU…….THANK YOU







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"If the people fail to vote, a government will be developed
which is not their government. The whole system of
American Government rests on the ballot box. Unless
citizens perform their duties there, such a system of
government is doomed to failure."
Calvin Coolidge, 30th President of the USA.