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Meet JCRW Immediate Past President Ruth Brodman


Ruth hails from The Eastern United States.  She and husband Shelly moved to the beautiful Rogue Valley to join their daughter and  her husband  and their children when Shelly retired in 2005.  Ruth and Shelly have been married 50 years and were business partners for 27 of those years.

Ruth has a BA in Advertising Art with a minor in History and an Associate Degree in Accounting, one in Graphic Arts and an MBA.  This diversified background has Ruth wearing many hats for as many years.  While she has always been a supporter of the Republican Party and a Republican since she was able to vote, she did not become active until she heard Ronald Reagan speak at a Fund Raiser. Her admiration for Ronald Reagan joined her to his team while she was attending NYU. Ten years later Ruth and Shelly were invited to a cocktail party with a group of Business Entrepreneurs while Rudolph Guiliani was making his bid for Mayor of New York City.  Meeting and speaking with him of how he would heal this nearly broke and crime ridden City, once again fired her up and she spent the campaign promoting his cause for Mayor.  For many years they exchanged Christmas Cards.  Ruth also worked in Campaigns for local offices in New York City and for Pataki for Governor.

Upon moving to Medford, in 2005 she joined the JCRW as a member and volunteered to take on the job of writing their Newsletter.  In 2007 Ruth launched a web site for the JCRW, in 2009 the website was completely updated to what it is today a tool for Republican Women in this County.  She worked on the Saxton Campaign for Governor in 2006 and was Co-Chair of the McCain Campaign in Jackson County in 2008.  Ruth served as Secretary of JCRW in 2007 & 2008. She became a PCP in 2006 and was appointed editor of the Jackson County Republican Party’s first ever Monthly Newsletter.  In December 2009 she was appointed 1stVice President of JCRW and in November of 2010 was elected President of Jackson County Republican Women.

In 2008 Ruth was presented with a Special Recognition award by JCRW for her work on the Newsletter and Website and a 2008 Election Campaign Manager Award by JCRCC.  In February 2009 she was presented the Bob Luther & Wally Iverson Service Award for 2008 by the Jackson County Republican Party and in December of 2009 was presented with the Violet Brewer Service Award for 2009 by the Jackson County Republican Women.

Over the past 5 years during Ruth's Presidency, Jackson County Republican Women has won the Prestigious Diamond Award from the National Federation of Republican Women in Washington.  Ruth also won the Award for the Most Hours spend in the years of 2013-2014.  Her Hours spent was one of 7 Members who had the most in the Nation.

In 2016 Ruth became the Immediate Past President and still continues as Newsletter Editor and Webmaster for both the Jackson County Republican Women and the Oregon Federation of Republican Women.  She is also a Guest Writer for the National Federation of Republican Women in Washington D.C. 



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