JCRW Leadership

Board of Directors & Committee Members




President - Ruth Brodman

1st Vice President - Laraine Anderson

2nd Vice President - Karen Greene

Secretary - Kathy Hathaway

Treasurer - Valerie Smullen

Immediate Past President - Jan Esquivel


Americanism—Laura Angel

Audit Committee—Peggie Foy & Valerie Smullen

Awards—Executive Board 

Budget—Valerie Smullen—Ruth Brodman - Lovella Moore—Sheila Foy

Bylaws & Revisions—Valerie Smullen

Calling Committee Chair—Laura Angel & Pat Tracy

Campaign School—Ruth Brodman - Rob Patridge - Jerry Barnes -Mette McDermott

Chaplain—Rita Hassiepen

Education—JCRW—Lovella Moore

Education—Constitutions—Ida Pruitt—Mentor Sheila Foy

Education—Flag—Britt Ivy

50/50 Chair—Pat Seldon

Fund-Raising—Ways & Means—Leanne Wood

Historian—Peggie Foy

Jewelry Chair—Phyllis Fletcher

Legislation —Jan Esquivel

Mamie Eisenhower Library Project

MELP & On-Line Library—Willa Johnson

Membership Chair—Pat Tracy

Membership Chair for Let’s Talk Meeting—Bonnie Foster

Newsletter & Website—Ruth Brodman

NFRW Program Awards—Felicity Clark

Parliamentarian—Sheila Foy

Program—Ruth Brodman—Laraine Anderson—Sheila Foy—Leanne Wood

Protocol & Hospitality—Liz Karpen

Reservations—Karen Greene

Scholarship Chair - Mary April

Voter Registration—Danna Gustafson

100% Club—Sue Musolf

Past President's Council - All Past Presidents






Left to right - Karen Greene - Laraine Anderson - Kathy Hathaway - Valerie Smullen



Left to Right - Jan Esquivel - Sheila Foy - Leanne Wood - Susan Maxwell





Left to right -  Laura Angel - Felicity Clark - Peggie Foy - Rita Hassiepen - Phyllis Fletcher - Brit Ivy - Jo Schlehofer


Left to right - Lovella Moore - Danna Gustafson - Liz Karpen - Pat Seldon - Pat Tracy - Ida Pruitt - Debi McBride


Missing Board Member Pictures - Bonnie Foster -  Willa Johnson


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"If the people fail to vote, a government will be developed
which is not their government. The whole system of
American Government rests on the ballot box. Unless
citizens perform their duties there, such a system of
government is doomed to failure."
Calvin Coolidge, 30th President of the USA.