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Sworn into service

December 9th 2010  



Left to right - Outgoing President Jan Esquivel - Newly elected President Ruth Brodman - 2nd Vice President
Karen Greene - Secretary Kathy Hathaway - 3rd Vice President Laraine Anderson - Treasurer Valerie Smullen
Past President Lovella Moore  

Peggie Foy

JCRW Historian

December 2010
The Vi Brewer award is presented annually at our December Meeting  to a member who has over the years given extraordinary service and leadership to Jackson County Republican Women.
Peggie has been a member of JCRW for almost 15 years and has served as Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer several times.  She has for many years served as our Historian.  She keeps our Scrap Books and our History in good order.  Peggie has also served on most of our JCRW Committees. She is one of the members we all look to for information & support  when we have questions as to procedure & how things were handled in the past.
This was one of the best fun times for all who attended the JCRW Christmas Party.  Cascade Christian High School Choir under the direction of Lucy Milojevich was excellent and received a standing ovation.  30 Students from the school participated in a song fest that lasted over a half hour.  Then there was the 50/50 drawing—Aside from the money, we kept drawing numbers and over well 25 prizes were given out to the attendees.  President Jan Esquivel gave out the JCRW Christmas ball souvenir to one and all . Everyone had fun.  A Joyful Occasion.
CiCi Roshon...
Receives first ever JCRW
Biennial Campaign Service Award
from JCRW President Ruth Brodman at
January 13th JCRW Monthly Luncheon Meeting
The JCRW Biennial Campaign Service Award will be given biennially
to the JCRW Member for Outstanding Service during a Campaign year.
CiCi was Jackson County Campaign Chair for the Chris Dudley Campaign
for Governor and Regional Chair for the 5 counties in State District #2 .
CiCi set up a campaign & call center in Medford and although Dudley lost the Election,
he won big in the Counties under CiCi’s Direction.  Her hard work and diligence is a standard for all..




             Panel—left to right—Sue Tschohl—Laraine Anderson
             Sheila Foy and Mette McDermott

At the April 14th Luncheon JCRW had a panel with some of the JCRW membership that attended Dorchester Conference.  These members shared some of the issues that were at the conference.  Education & Earmarks will be the theme.  They  presented some of the Education Bills that will be voted on in Salem this term and the controversy over Earmarks which has been on the Political Stage over the past several years. The Members & Guests who attended the Luncheon had the opportunity to interact and state their opinions.



18 members of JCRW attended Dorchester Conference where Republicans and Conservatives from all over the state meet for 2 days and discuss issues that effect the citizens of our State.  US Rep. Greg Walden & Republican Whip Kevin McCarthy were Keynote Speakers—They are pictured below with JCRW Members & Associate Members that attended the conference .


Membership One Plus One Luncheon

Volunteer Hours Awards Ceremony

 Phyllis Fletcher
1st Place Volunteer Hours



 2nd Place
Laraine Anderson
Left Receiving award from
President Ruth Brodman      





Valerie   Smullen
Receives 3rd Place Award


Laura Angel
Receives 4th Place Award











Member Karen Blair Received  Special Recognition
for Community Service - Karen is our Newly Elected
Medford City Councilwoman



Volunteer Hours—JCRW as a combined unit has over 40, 000 Volunteer Hours.
A round of applause to the Membership of Jackson County Republican Women.
Well done!!!
The following members received recognition with an Volunteerism Award & Cash Prizes.
1st Place—Phyllis Fletcher 1,023 hours $100.00 cash award
2nd Place—Laraine Anderson 835 hours $50.00 cash award
3rd Place—Valerie Smullen 818 hours $50.00 cash award
4th Place—Laura Angel 606 hours $25.00 cash award
5th place—Bev Layer 549 hours $25.00 cash award


Executive Board Members & Chairs with 5 Top hours     
Received an Award for Outstanding Service.  
      1—Ruth Brodman—6,597 Hours
    2—CiCi Roshon—4,090 Hours
    3—Jan Esquivel—3,466 Hours
      4—Leanne Wood—1,078 hours
5—Sheila Foy—1,000 hours
Memorial Day 2011
Eagle Point National Cemetery
Dave Dotterrer with wife Kerry and Debi McBride—Jo Schlehofer
Middle picture—Rep. Dennis Richardson speaking
Below left to right - Beverly Devore—Tom and Sue Tschohl—Gail Ellison & Kerry Dotterrer


3rd Annual Jackson County
Republican Women Reagan BBQ
Fundraiser for Education
at Eagle Point Golf Club
August 28th 2011
Reagan BBQ Program:
1:00        Cocktail Hour - No Host Bar / Live Music
2:00        Welcome by Master of Ceremony
                for Dinner
3:00         Golf Awards and
3:30         Live Auction
4:15         Announcements
4:30         Raffle Ticket Drawing
5:00         Closing Remarks


1st Annual
Jackson County Republican Golf Tournament
 at Eagle Point Golf Club
In conjunction with Jackson County Republican Women’s
3rd Annual Reagan BBQ at the Eagle Point Golf Club
Morning Golf and Afternoon BBQ. 





WOW!!  A Rousing Success....  We never thought we could top last year but we did.  The Golf Club was a very beautiful setting.  The food was good.  The decorations were fabulous thanks to Mike & Mette McDermott and their wonderful team. The wine flowed thanks to our own Bartender Past President Sheila Foy.  The silent auction contained 35 items including baskets done by our own members.  You can see some of them to the right with Member Mary April who set them up at the Event. Our Auctioneer was C.W. Smith who did a wonderful job of getting lots of cash for the 10 items in our Auction, helped by his Able Assistant—our Ways & Means Chair Leanne Wood...who also did a splendid job putting this event together.


We had lots of dignitaries including GOP Chair Allen Alley, House Speaker Bruce Hanna, State Senators Jason Atkinson & Doug Whitsett, Reps. Sal Esquivel, Mike McClane, Matt Wingard, Wally Hicks, County Commissioner C.W. Smith & John Rachor. Former State Rep Jerry Barnes, Jim Kuntz, Medford City Councilman, Jonathan Bilden, Eagle Point City Councilman, Donna Cain, National Committee Chairwomen; Greg Leo, ORP Chief of Staff; The entire staff of Greg Walden’s Office, John Howard, Troy Ferguson and of course Rob Patridge, Greg’s District Director and General Council and Candidate for District Attorney Jackson County; JCRCC Chair Doug Breidenthal and Vice Chair Jack Adkins.  And to top it off Radio Personalities—Bill Meyer of the KMED Weekly Morning Show 6AM-9AM “Bill Meyer Show” and Member Dianne Linderman of the “Everything that Matters” Sunday Morning show on KMED 10AM-Noon.  Whew!! What a line up……. And to Thank everyone, well we would need 2 pages of copy…Instead let us just Thank every Member and Associate Member.  Because everyone worked for this event—Either they donated, took on a job or were at the event.  THANK YOU Each and Every One of You…...


Now to the nitty–gritty—We made money to fund our Education Programs for next year.  We don’t have all the totals in and won’t for a few more days—However, we topped last year by quite a lot of dollars—So Yes, It Was a Rousing Success...










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"If the people fail to vote, a government will be developed
which is not their government. The whole system of
American Government rests on the ballot box. Unless
citizens perform their duties there, such a system of
government is doomed to failure."
Calvin Coolidge, 30th President of the USA.