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News Release - July 2011

Possible Bond Issues for Capital Improvement Projects

 The City of Medford is exploring the possibility of placing one to three bond issues on the ballot some time within the upcoming year.  Though the aquatics needs of the community has recently received heightened attention from a number of citizens, the city is also exploring other capital improvement projects and subsequent bond issues for a much needed police department command center and for two new fire stations.   Click here to read More



July 2011 - The Jackson County Board of Commissioners Announces Committee Vacancies

The Board of Commissioners currently has vacancies on the following committees:

Read a list of all vacancies



August 2011
CONTACT: Winnie Rezendes
City Manager’s Office

The Medford Mayor and City Council are looking for people interested in serving on city boards,
commissions, and committees. Application forms are available in the City Manager’s Office,
Room 310, City Hall as well as on the City website at Online submittal
of applications is available on the web site. Applications taken until positions are filled.
Residency in the City of Medford is a requirement for serving on most city boards.
Additional information can be obtained by calling 774-2000.
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$47 million in bond measures?
Medford residents will be surveyed over proposals for new police and fire stations
By Damian Mann  August 05, 2011 2:00 AM
Medford voters could see as many as three bond measures totaling more than $47 million on the 2012 November ballot, as the city considers building a new police station, two fire stations and aquatics facilities.
City officials say existing emergency services quarters are outdated, creating potentially dangerous situations. They cite overcrowded conditions and security issues with prisoners at the police station as well as aging fire stations that cause slow response times and are too small to support modern equipment.   Read More


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