The Oregon Quilt

This beautiful quilt was raffled off at our 2nd annual BBQ and won in the drawing
by member Debi Gardner.  Debi was absolutely thrilled with winning this gorgeous Quilt.
The quilt helped raise the money to continue our Education Programs at our 2nd Annual Reagan BBQ...
The National Federation of Republican Women Armed Services Committee created the State Quilt Contest to show support for our troops, and NFRW hopes it will become a Biennial tradition.
The quilts are specifically earmarked for Korean veterans in veteran’s hospitals. A representative from Quilts of Valor informed NFRW last year that most quilts/afghans have been earmarked for Iraq/Afghanistan soldiers. The hospitals expressed that they have had an influx of Korean and Vietnam veterans for whom they weren’t prepared, and that there aren’t donations for these vets. Because the Korean vets are older, they decided to honor them this year. They plan to honor Vietnam vets in 2011.
Each State Federation raised donations for its quilt at the 2009 NFRW
Convention in Florida in September 2009. The quilt raising the most money was to hang at national headquarters for two years; plus, the winning state was recognized at the convention.
Although The Oregon Quilt was not the one that raised the most money. It won as the most beautiful of all the quilts presented by the State Federations.
The quilt was made by Kathy Mann – of the Coos Bay Republican Women and the Chair of Ways and Means of OFRW.
It was placed at a live auction at the OFRW Biennial October 3rd 2009. Immediate JCRW Past President Lovella Moore and State Representative Sal Esquivel won the Quilt with a bid of $500.00 and they have donated this gorgeous Quilt to the Jackson County Republican Women. It was raffled off at the Next Annual JCRW Reagan BBQ on Sunday September 12th of 2010.  The quilt was won by member Debi Gardner
at the Reagan BBQ.

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which is not their government. The whole system of
American Government rests on the ballot box. Unless
citizens perform their duties there, such a system of
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Calvin Coolidge, 30th President of the USA.