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75 years ago Republican women's groups banded together as a Federation, and Political Education became one of the objectives.
Jackson County Republican Women over the 67 years since its beginning, have followed this legacy and continue to do so. In addition over the years JCRW has also worked to help educate others and especially the children of our community.
Jackson County Republican Women  pledged to bring a copy of the constitution to every student in the Middle and High Schools in Jackson County Oregon studying the “Social Sciences” this School year.
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Constitution Week 2010
During Constitution Week  (9-17—9-23)  Jackson County Republican Women  realized a year long dream of delivering a Constitution in the hands of every 8th—12th Grader taking a Social Science course in Jackson County.  We have permission from the Superintendants in Jackson County to deliver these and have a lesson plan that will accompany the Constitutions.
14,000 constitutions and a lesson plan were delivered this week.  At the 1st Annual Reagan BBQ in 2009 JCRW raised $5,000.00 towards this goal.  On September 12th 2010, the 2nd Annual BBQ  raised the money to continue this program for 8th graders in 2011 and other Education programs being developed in the future.
Jackson County Republican Women are hoping that other Clubs across Oregon and the Country will pick up this program and children across our great Nation will get a copy of the Constitution of the United States.
Most of our students graduating from High School have little contact with this document.
Constitution Week 2011
3,000 Constitutions were delivered to 8th Graders in both Public and Private schools during Constitution Week.
At the Third annual JCRW BBQ on August 28th JCRW raised $9,000 for our Education Program and have developed a new Flag Program to place flags in Classrooms across Jackson County.
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"If the people fail to vote, a government will be developed
which is not their government. The whole system of
American Government rests on the ballot box. Unless
citizens perform their duties there, such a system of
government is doomed to failure."
Calvin Coolidge, 30th President of the USA.