Forest Initiative

Republican Women Clubs from  Northern California, Oregon and Washington

are collecting signatures for the following Initiative:

We request that current U.S. Forest Service policy be changed to once again aggressively manage forests and resources. The past nearly 30 years of the detrimental policy of “containment” rather than fire suppression has produced unnaturally dense brushlands, woodlands and forested areas. Massive wildfires routinely in our region have caused:

Excessive CO2 and hazardous gas emissions that threaten public health

Extremely poor air and water quantity and quality

Loss of property, structures and wildlife, including endangered species

Destruction of vegetation and soil chemistry

Damage to all watersheds

Destruction of local communities’ economic viability (such as timber sales)

Devastation of the recreation industry

Unnecessary flooding and mudslides during rainy season

Reduced agricultural crop yield
The time is long overdue to return to responsible forest and fire management as mandated by Congress. Good fire ecology will prevent buildup of fuel and allow slow-growing vegetation, such as trees, to survive. We will once again have sustainable forests and vibrant economies. We request that aggressive salvage harvesting, followed by reforestation, commence immediately on our national forests.



Jackson County Republican Women

P.O. Box 636

Medford, Oregon 97501

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