Education Program 2010

The culmination of a year in the planning came off without a hitch—We delivered 14,000 constitutions to all of the Middle Schools—The Junior High Schools and the High Schools within Jackson County—You can all be very proud of the work done.  We all worked towards this goal.  Anyone who attended our BBQ’s—Purchased tickets for the Raffles—Worked to actually deliver the books—Did the planning & supported JCRW is to be congratulated.  Pat yourself on the back Members & Associate Members & Friends.  Very Well Done!
As many of you may not know—JCRW worked with Ashland High School to put on a by-partisan program in conjunction with the delivery of 1,070 constitutions to the school on Friday September 17th Constitution Day.   Both Representative Dennis Richardson (Republican –District #4) and Representative Peter Buckley—(Democrat District #5) participated in a program with Ashland Social Studies Teacher and Associate Member of JCRW Paul Huard.  Over 300 students attended this special assembly.  It was wonderful to see two of our Elected Officials with opposing views, speak so eloquently and accurately of the Constitution to a group of students who listened    attentively and with much interest.
Education Chair Sheila Foy and 1st Vice President Ruth Brodman gave a copy of the Constitution to each student as they entered the auditorium.  The Superintendant of Ashland Schools—Juli DiChiro spoke to the student body and urged them to register to vote when they turn 18 and spoke of the importance of Voting...She thanked Jackson County Republican Women for the Delivery of all of the constitutions and for helping to put on this program.   Principal Michelle Zundle also thanked JCRW and the Representatives and Paul Huard for the program.  Paul fielded 5 different questions on the Constitution to both Buckley and Richardson. The questions posed to the students are listed below.   Each Representative had an opportunity to answer.  Paul then opened a discussion to the entire assembly.  We were all delighted by the quality of the questions asked by the student body.  At the end of the program the entire assembly stood and clapped.  About 15 students went up to the platform to ask specific questions of the Representatives.
Thank You to our Education Chair & Committee for their time and their service...Great Job.
Sheila Foy—Chair—Committee—Ida Pruitt– Pat Tracy—LaDonna Gill

Many thanks to the following Members, Associate Members and Friends of JCRW for Delivering Constitutions to the schools. Paul Huard; Danna Gustafson; Sue Maxwell; Pat Tracey; Mary Stokes; CiCi Roshon & Ruth Jenks; Ida Prewitt; Jerry Barnes & Herman Blum; Jack and Judy Adkins; LaDonna Guill; Beverly Layer; Phil and Arlene Sadler; Liz Karpen; Joel Marks; Elizabeth Bilden; Charlotte Fairbanks; and Sheila Foy & Ruth Brodman

Questions—Posed to Rep. Buckley & Richardson on Sept. 17th—     
1)      What do you consider the most precious right described in the Bill of Rights?
2)      What are some ways that the Constitution describes the proper role of government?
3)      What do you admire most about the Framers and their efforts to create a Constitution?
4)      What do you think is the most important change to the Constitution by the amendment process?
5)      What should these students learn from today’s presentation?
Register and Register
Family & Friends
"If the people fail to vote, a government will be developed
which is not their government. The whole system of
American Government rests on the ballot box. Unless
citizens perform their duties there, such a system of
government is doomed to failure."
Calvin Coolidge, 30th President of the USA.