Jackson County Food Bank Drive

Jackson County Republican Women have joined in the collection for the Food Bank Donor Drive across the County.  Our membership will fill the Green bags and bring them every other month to our Luncheon Meetings beginning with the December 8th 2011 Luncheon Meeting and continuing every other month.  See Report below.  Our first Collection gathered 260 lbs of food. 

Every other month beginning with the December 8th meeting Laura will pick up at the meeting the bags filled with food and bring them to the food bank. They will be weighed and recorded that JCRW donated lbs of food. You will get another Green bag to fill up with food for collection at the February Meeting.  This will be an ongoing project.  So if you do not have a bag—email or call Laura she will get you a bag so you to participate.


Food Drive Chair - Laura Angel

Laura call: 541-535-1540 or email: langel50@msn.com


Most Needed Items: Non-Perishable Food
Soup-Canned Meat -Canned Fruit-Cooking Oil
Cereal-Canned Tuna-Canned Beans-Dried Beans
Pinto Beans-Canned Corn-Masa-Brown Rice
Long Grain White Rice-Plain Stewed Tomatoes
Fruit Cocktail-Side Dishes-Soy Milk-Canned Milk
Texturized Vegetable Protein-Pasta-Vegetables
Side Dishes (Hamburger Helper, Rice-a-Roni, etc.)
Especially for Seniors
Dried Fruits-Ready made Jell-O & Pudding-Ensure protein drinks
Low-sodium Pull-tab Soups-Low-sodium Single- Serving Meals
Low-sodium Crackers-Green Tea (regular and decaf)
Canned Vegetables-Hard Candies
Non-Food Items
Toilet Paper

Two questions that many people have about the Medford Food Project are: "Where does the food go? Which food banks will get it?"

The MFP  brought together a group of 19 food pantries together, representing a variety of organizations in the area: the St. Vincent DePaul Society, St Mark's Episcopal Church, the Maslow Project, the Northwest Seasonal Workers, the Medford Gospel Mission, God's Pantry, the Gleaners Network, and many more. Eventually they decided, in the spirit of true collaboration, that every pantry- regardless of its size - gets an equal share of the food.  So, the food you donate is distributed throughout the entire Rogue Valley.

The recent statistics show that Unemployment in our area is over 11% so more people are in need of emergency food supplies than ever before. About 22,000 Jackson County residents will receive emergency food in 2011!  Medford agencies serve about 55% of all the emergency food in Jackson County.

"Some people wonder whether food recipients are just taking advantage of the community's generosity," says ACCESS's Director Philip Yates." "That couldn't be further from the truth. Close to half the families we serve have at least one person working. Many of the rest are out of work and can't find jobs. And 34% of our recipients are children. Only about 5% are homeless. The majority of people we serve just don't earn enough money to cover their basic expenses."



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