Sweet Land of Liberty

Sweet Land of Liberty

by Callista Gingrich


Regnery Publishing, Inc.; September 2011


How Did America Become the Sweet Land of Liberty?


America is an exceptional country.

You know it, we know it, but do our children and grandchildren know it?


Enter Callista Gingrich's new children's book Sweet Land of Liberty. She is the wife of Newt Gingrich.


Featuring Ellis, a cuddly and curious elephant who is on a quest to discover why America is exceptional, Sweet Land of Liberty helps kids learn about the amazing challenges Americans have overcome in the past and why our nation is the land of the free and home of the brave.


Taking children with him on a journey to discover the pivotal events and people that helped shape our nation, Ellis the Elephant teaches children about the pivotal moments that have shaped our nation's unique history, including:


    the Pilgrims' first Thanksgiving—    the Boston Tea Party

    George Washington crossing the Delaware

    pioneers settling the great frontier—    the first man on the moon


and many more of the astounding events and people whose dreams, courage, and hard work have made America great.


With its vivid illustrations and charming rhymes, Sweet Land of Liberty is a must read for children and parents alike who want to explore our nation's great history-and discover why America is still that shining city upon a hill.


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"If the people fail to vote, a government will be developed
which is not their government. The whole system of
American Government rests on the ballot box. Unless
citizens perform their duties there, such a system of
government is doomed to failure."
Calvin Coolidge, 30th President of the USA.