History upside down

History Upside Down
By David Meir-Levi—Historian
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Jewish communities in the Arab World that just a half century ago numbered in the millions have all been driven to brink of extinction. Christian communities' are suffering in the Muslim world worse than ever before. Scholars estimate that every three minutes a Christian is being tortured in the Muslim world. In 2009, the last year for which statistics are available, more than 165,000 Christians were killed because of their faith in Muslim countries.
In the United Nations, on university campuses, and among a growing number of our most prestigious Western newspapers, the historical record has been rewritten so thoroughly that Israel is seen as the worst of the oppressive Western occupiers of the Third World. So successful has this campaign been that Palestinian spinmeisters and their apologists have effectively declared that the Israelis, a people living in the shadow of the Holocaust, are themselves “Nazis.” How could this happen?
In History Upside Down historian David Meir-Levi traces the ideological DNA behind Palestinian Nationalism and its ludicrous “alternative” histories, revealing how Nazi Fascism gave the Arab world’s amorphous hatred of the Jews an intellectual structure and how Soviet communism masked its genocidal intentions with the mantle of national liberation.
Part One of this book brings into focus the political DNA whose strands make up the Palestinian movement. Part Two examines the cornerstone myths that this movement has created, largely for a Western audience, to serve as the seemingly rational basis for the irrational—and irrationally perdurable—terror war it has waged against Israel.
These myths seek to make the terrorism of the last decades not only rational, but heroic. Turning Middle East history upside down and inside out, they make the victim into the aggressor and the aggressor into the victim. Along the way, they legitimize the genocidal goals of the Arab terrorist parties.
One such myth is the notion that the Israelis stole the Palestinians’ land in 1948 and ever since have blocked the creation of a motherland for the homeless Palestinians. But the sequence of events following the UN Security Council Resolution 181 in 1947 demonstrates beyond doubt that the failure to fulfill the world body’s vision of two states, living side by side, cooperating economically and politically to mutual benefit, rests heavily on the Arab side. Israel accepted the partition plan and extended its hand to all Arab neighbors. Israel and a state for the Arabs, as envisioned by the UN, could have existed side by side with mutual benefit, had the Arab side been willing. The Arab side was not. The land set aside for a Palestinian state was annexed by Egypt and Jordan. It was the Arabs, not the Jews, who stole the Palestinians’ land.
An even more inflammatory myth concerns the issue of the Arab refugees. Contrary to the successful propaganda campaign the Arab world has waged, the creation of Israel did not cause the refugee problem; nor was there ever a systematic attempt by Israeli forces to practice ethnic cleansing. The Arab leaders, including Haj Amin himself, urged and in some cases forced Arab peasantry to flee at the onset of the 1948 war with the intent that they would return after the inevitable Israeli
 defeat, when they would take back their land and also the land of the Jews.
Finally there is the myth of the “occupation” in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, which the Arabs have claimed was the legacy of the 1967 war. The core of the Arab propaganda argument demonizing and delegitimizing the Israeli communities in these areas, and the Israeli government policies relating to them, is that they are illegal by international law, that they grab Arab land from helpless Arab peasants, and that they monopolize scarce water resources to the detriment of the Arab population. Every one of these assertions intentionally distorts the reality of the Israeli economic development of the West Bank and Gaza, obfuscates improvements in Arab quality of life that accrued thanks to Israel after the Six-Day War, and ignores the Israeli government’s commitment to the legal purchase of privately owned Arab land or legally owned “crown land” for the construction and expansion of Israeli communities.
In the new narrative cynically crafted over the past four decades by the Palestinians and their Communist and Islamist sponsors, the Middle East situation is on the one hand an isolated example of a tyrannical power oppressing a helpless and homeless people, and on the other the world’s geopolitical wound whose healing is necessary to end the clash of civilizations between Islam and the West. The historical record shows that this is a convenient untruth and that the reality is much starker. Behind the war waged on Israel’s southern front by Hamas is Iran. Behind the war waged against Israel’s northern front by Hezbollah is also Iran. Behind the genocidal ideology of all three is the Muslim Brotherhood, inspiration for al-Qaeda and for the global Islamofascist crusade. Viewed in the accurate prism of the Islamic war against the West, Israel can be seen as a democracy on the frontline of the “war on terror,” where it has been under siege since long before that phrase was conceived after 9/11.
Editors’ note:  This book is well recommended—Gives a view of history over the past 50 years and how it is being re-written to satisfy the goals of the Islamic fascists “Muslim Brotherhood”
At the July 14th  Luncheon Meeting, JCRW will have as a guest speaker, Professor David Churchman,who is Professor Emeritus California State University where he chaired graduate programs in behavioral sciences teaching conflict theory and negotiation.  He also taught Arab, Byzantine, and ancient Near Eastern history in the humanities graduate program. He continues to teach on line in this program as well as on line for the History Department at SOU.
Professor Churchman has been a Department of State Scholar in Europe and the Near East, a Malone Scholar in Saudi Arabia, and a Fulbright Scholar in Cyprus and Ukraine. He also has worked in Australia, Morocco, and Singapore. He has traveled to some 100 other countries, many more than once.
Suggestion—Get the book—Read it and be sure to come to this meeting—Professor Churchman will speak on al-Qaeda and the Middle East.
David Horowitz—Front Page Magazine—Highly recommends this book—Below a quote from David Horowitz.
"First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people." This statement is used by Islamists to describe the order in which they will commit murder. First the Jews, the Saturday people. And then the Christians, the Sunday people. The global conquest envisioned by radical Islam depends on their disappearance.”
David Joel Horowitz is an American conservative writer and policy advocate. Horowitz was a member of the New Left in the late 1960s before moving to the right in the 1970s.  He is a founder and the president of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, edits the conservative FrontPage Magazine, and writes for Christopher Ruddy's conservative website NewsMax.  Horowitz founded the right-leaning activist group Students for Academic Freedom.


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