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Hello Members and Friends:

The primary is over and we will move on to one of the most important elections in the State of Oregon in many years.  We have the opportunity to elect a United States Senator  and a Governor.

Wouldn't it be wonderful.  Will it happen?.  Only if—We Get Out The Vote.  We have 43, 603 Registered Republicans in Jackson County and we had 24, 280 ballots cast in the May 20th Primary.  That is about 39% of the Republicans.  That is high for Republicans—usually we get about 25% to care enough to vote in a primary. The reason it was this high was the Ordinance 15-119—Banning of GMO’s.  Across the state the Republican vote was higher 43.89% of the vote….

Lets see there are 650,122 Registered Republicans in the State and in this primary 285,323 voted.  Hmm….Just think about this, we pick candidates in the primaries and less than 44% think that it is important. 

Members and Friends—This is why we are suffering as a country.  You all really care.  I know that.  But some don’t understand when you hold back your vote you are voting for the very people you do not want elected to office. Like the 30 million that did not vote for Romney because of his Religious beliefs and we now have another 4 years of President Obama.  Don’t you get it...

Voting is a privilege not afforded to everyone on the planet.  Our soldiers die to protect this privilege.  So we must care enough to mail in our ballots and vote for every single Republican Candidate.

We also need to get out the vote and that is easily done.  Phone calls and knocking on doors and talking to our neighbors.  Not a hard job.  Its not rocket science.  On page 6 is a list of the Partisan Candidates.

Lets call them and help them win their seat.  Then we have a good chance to take back the State and  Washington.

In the Washington Post was an article which I re-printed in the OFRW newsletter last week.  It predicts that the Republicans will take back the Senate by 6 and it does not include Oregon in the prediction .  Let’s prove them wrong.  The polls are showing that Kitzhaber will win the election even though he is under investigation by the FBI and the Senate Oversight Committee for the Cover Oregon Fiasco.  We can beat him.  But we need to get out the VOTE.

Just keep remembering if you don’t check the box off on your ballot for the Republican it  means a vote for the other side.  We need to fix this and tell all our friends, family and neighbors to VOTE in November.

Lets do it….

Look forward to seeing you all at meetings and on the Campaign Trail.

My Best: As Always, Ruth


May 2014

Hello Members and Friends:

The Primary Election is upon us….and it is essential that we vote in this primary.  We have in almost every seat in the Primary at least 2 and in some cases 5 Republicans running for a particular seat.  It is important that we all vote.  There are also several measures on the ballot that will make a big difference in Jackson County.  The Library Issue and the GMO issue to mention a few.  It is important that you review the pros and the cons of each measure and cast your vote and mail in your ballot or drop it into one of the many drop boxes in the county.  Don’t know where yours is, call the County Clerk’s office at 541-774-6029.

One of the privileges of the citizens of our great Country is the right to vote.  Do your do diligence and talk to your family, neighbors and friends and get them to mail in their ballots. In the 2013 Primary Election only 18.87% of the Registered Voters in Jackson County turned in their ballots...With this kind of a voter turnout your votes will never amount to a hill of beans.  So let us get pro-active and get out the vote.  Your job is to get everyone you know to vote...We are 100 plus members.  Each one of us knows at least 20 people in our neighborhood.  Each one of us have at least 10 family members and 10 friends that’s 4,000 votes.  Make some calls and lets work to raise the bar. 


Our Fashion Show Fund Raiser was a great success.  The Fashions from Morrissary’s were wonderful, the models were beautifully dressed and our Chair Phyllis Fletcher and Co-Chair Kate Foley did an exceptional job.  Thank you to all the models and everyone that had a hand in putting this together.  A special Thank you to Holly Swanson for Moderating the Fashion Show.  Wonderful Job!  Please look at page 9 for pixs of the event…

Please mark your calendars.  Our Reagan BBQ is September 6th which is just 4 months out and we begin working on it May 1st….This promises to be the best one yet…..Wow!!

On Saturday, May 17th, we are going to Klamath Falls for our yearly District Meeting.  We will be car pooling.  Anyone wanting to go, please send me an e-mail.   We have several ladies that will be driving.  It is a great opportunity to you to meet other Republican Women from other Counties and hear what type of programs they have.  Also Mette McDermott one of our JCRW Members will be the Guest Speaker at this Luncheon.  Mette was born in Europe and as a youngster grew up under the Nazi Rule.  She has an interesting history and will share it.  There are 5 clubs in our District.  It is the largest District in the Oregon Federation.  OFRW President Sally MacLeod will be there as will our own Laraine Anderson who is the District V Director.  In District V there is Jackson, Josephine Counties, City of Bend, and 2 clubs in Klamath County.  There is information on page 2.  We will meet at Elmer’s in Klamath Falls.  Luncheon is ordered from the menu.  We hope that many of you will want to join us…

We finally got in the patriotic scarves that everyone is asking for.  They are $20.00 each and they will be at the May 8th Luncheon….

Don’t forget to bring some of your discarded jewelry all kinds for the

Fundraiser of the Lion’s Club.  This will be a Caring for America Project for JCRW...Thank You.

Look forward to seeing you all….

My Best: As Always, Ruth




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"If the people fail to vote, a government will be developed
which is not their government. The whole system of
American Government rests on the ballot box. Unless
citizens perform their duties there, such a system of
government is doomed to failure."
Calvin Coolidge, 30th President of the USA.