Miracle of Freedom

The Miracle of Freedom: 7 Tipping Points that Saved the World

by Chris Stewart & Ted Stewart

Shadow Mountain Publishing June 2011


Abraham Lincoln said, The United States of America is the best nation ever given to man. Despite our faults, this nation is still the last, best hope of earth." In short, God still cares what happens here. This reassuring message is a bright light in a world that longs for such hope.


Glen Beck, a guru to many of us has saluted this book as one we should all read.  It is a collection of history and 7 points that in the opinions of the authors has lead to the Miracle of Freedom that we enjoy today.  It is a journey that has taken thousand of years.

They question if we today will work to preserve this freedom. 


“The answer may surprise you. In The Miracle of Freedom, Chris and Ted Stewart make a strong case that fewer than 5 percent of all people who have ever lived on the earth have lived under conditions that we could consider “free.” So where did freedom come from, and how are we fortunate enough to experience it in our day?


A deeper look at the human record,” write the authors, “reveals a series of critical events, obvious forks in the road leading to very different outcomes, that resulted in this extraordinary period in which we live.” They identify and discuss seven decisive tipping points:


1. The defeat of the Assyrians in their quest to destroy the kingdom of Judah

2. The victory of the Greeks over the Persians at Thermopylae and Salamis

3. Roman Emperor Constantine’s conversion to Christianity

4. The defeat of the armies of Islam at Poitiers

5. The failure of the Mongols in their effort to conquer Europe

6. The discovery of the New World

7. The Battle of Britain in World War II


"What is freedom?" The authors don't give a us an  answer, and  ask the reader to envision a world without it--what would it be like to live in a world without democratic governments or rule of law, without justice or equality, without free nations defending against tyranny and oppression.  The authors believe that we Americans know what its is to be free.  They make it clear that freedom is rare in this world and is costly to achieve and maintain.  They point out that freedom is fragile and it can diminish if we are not careful.

“This is one of the best history books I’ve ever read,” Beck said on his radio program. “Unbelievable. You’ll love it.”

About the Author.  Chris Stewart is a bestselling author who has published more than a dozen books, has been selected by the Book of the Month Club, and has released titles in multiple languages in seven countries. He has also been a guest editorialist for the Detroit News, among other publications, commenting on matters of military readiness and national security concerns. He is a world-record-setting Air Force pilot (fastest nonstop flight around the world) and president and CEO of The Shipley Group, a nationally recognized consulting and training company.


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