Bio - Jim Frick

Jim Frick

Chairman of SORA

So. Oregon Resource Alliance


Jim grew up in Santa Barbara, Calif.; graduated with an A.S. Degree in Biological Science in 1973 from Santa Barbara Junior College and in 1976 received a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Science from Oregon State University. He worked 6-years for Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife; went into real estate 32 years ago and  has been the SORA (Southern Oregon Resource Alliance) Chairman for 7 years.


This group of very involved, committed businessman & attorneys has been doing the fight against the government land grabs and Measure 37 for many years. They are now concerned that President Obama will sign off on more national monuments using the Antiquities Act, in the same manner that President Clinton did in 2000 to create the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument.


They are worried about cutbacks in mining, timber harvests, grazing, hunting, off-road vehicle use and other activities on what is now a combination of National Forest, Bureau of Land Management and private lands.


“This and 12 million other acres are lying at the president's feet. “It is time to stand up and require the federal government to not "breach their 1937 O&C Contract" with these communities, but to either give the O&C Lands back to the counties or pay the tax loss on every acre of land as a tax payer does.”


Jim married to wife Karen, has three sons and one grandson. His hobbies are fishing, hunting, golf, gardening and spending quality time with family. My father (Leonard) is 90 years old and my stepmother (Mildred) is 99 years old and both are avid Republicans and still living independently.





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