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As we celebrated the 4th of July and commemorated the founding of our great country,  we here at JCRW are sadden that the School Administration here in Medford has at this time turned down our Proposed Flag Program.    The words “Unneeded at this time” were used.  Never more has this program been more needed.  Daily our rights are eroding away. Our children need to learn about our country, its founding, and the sacrifices made to keep America Free and Safe.  Beginning with the Salute of the Flag and Flags in the classrooms.  We need to bring back “The Pride in our Country”   Saluting the Flag and the Pledge has become a Hot Button Issue.

Below is a Letter to the Editor written by Chandler Cort a young man attending Rogue River High School that appeared on the Letters to the Editor Page as a Guest Opinion in the Mail Tribune on June 28th 2011. Some months ago he wrote a letter to Rep. Sal Esquivel—Medford #6 and asked for help in accomplishing a daily flag salute at his High School.

This is a poignant tale of  Chandler’s attempt to bring back the Pledge of Allegiance in his High School in Rogue River.  His plea to Rep. Sal Esquivel of Medford became HB 3604 during the last session that ended on June 30th.  The bill never passed.  Well it is not too late let us now bombard the Mail Tribune with letters to the editor chiding Rep. Dave Hunt and asking for public support.

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Update - There are other School Districts who are happy to welcome our Flag Program among them is District #9 - Onward and Upward....  


Chandler’s Cort—Opinion—June 28th Mail Tribune - Medford Oregon 


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