Anaylsis of the Supremes

Supreme Court - Interesting Facts - Liberals vs Conservatives

The balance of the court has been tipping to the right since the end of the Warren Burger administration. The current court has some of the most conservative justices in history.

The following is an analysis of the voting of the seated Justices.

Ginsberg: very liberal, consistently votes against the conservatives

Stevens: very liberal, although he has voted with the conservatives on several cases.

Breyer: very liberal - Retiring - Obama has nominated
Elena Kagan - a left leaning Democrat who has never been a Judge.  If confirmed will make 3 women sitting on the Court.

Sotomayor: considered to be a centrist by the American Bar Association,  (new appointment, has yet to sit on any cases)

Kennedy: the swing vote; considered a conservative; sometimes votes with the liberal faction

Alito: consistently conservative

Roberts: consistently conservative

Scalia: extremely conservative

Thomas: extremely conservative

The current court is considered conservative in composition, although Kennedy tends to be the "swing vote" and sometimes favors a more liberal view of the issues.

The most likely justices to leave the court during Obama's administration are Stevens and Ginsburg, the most liberal members. If Obama doesn't replace them with liberal justices, but with centrists, the court may become more conservative than it is at the moment.

Roberts, Scalia, Thomas and Alito are all considered extremely conservative, and their opinions dominate the current Court. Alito and Roberts are young, and may serve on the bench another 20 years or more; Thomas and Scalia are about ten years older, but will still probably serve for another 10 to 15 years or more.

Six of the nine current Supreme Court Justices were nominated by Republican Presidents.

The other 3 Justices Ginsburg, Breyer and Sotomayor were nominated by Democratic Presidents.

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