Set up & Sold Out by Holly Swanson

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"For some time now, many have questioned whether modern environmentalism really has more to do with politics than ecology. Well, in a provocative new book called 'Set Up & Sold Out', author Holly Swanson confirms this suspicion and lays bare the radical left wing agenda of the Green Movement." 'Just the Facts', Washington, DC CFACT Radio Network
"By all means, do read 'Set Up & Sold Out' by Holly Swanson. The book reflects six years of the author's research into the real agenda of the environmental movement. The public has been conditioned to believe that any opponent of the Greens is a dupe of Big Business, but Swanson has traced the matrix of connections between movement leaders to its roots in the U.S. Communist movement. You don't have to be a genius to figure out that any movement that opposes the economic machine that fuels Capitalism American-style, has this connection. This is the first book that spells it out. "  'Bookviews', Maplewood, NJ  Alan Caruba, Editor
"You've had the courage to say things that even many in the property rights movement and constitutional issues movement are not saying. I've read many books about environmental issues, this is one of the best I've read; it's so factual, so much good research. It's an excellent book. I highly recommend 'Set Up & Sold Out'."  Thom Strawn, KUSK TV Prescott, AZ
"Wolves in sheep's clothing? The Green Movement is completely stripped naked in a fabulous new book entitled 'Set Up & Sold Out' by Holly Swanson. As a guest on my program, in two hours, Holly exposed the philosophy of thesis, antithesis and synthesis used by the Green Movement to enslave the American people, with years of investigation and a radio show delivery that stunned my listening audience. " John Katz, KCBC Radio Oakdale, CA
"With the excuse that we must save the prairie grass, your US Government proposes to regulate the use of private property all the way from the Canadian border to Des Moines, Iowa. You have been warned! The book 'Set Up & Sold Out' describes this very method of operation in DETAIL!"
Joe Zadicek, Basic Freedoms, Inc. Iowa City, IA
"There are many connections between the Green movement and Communist forces: this outlines these connections, examining changing American values. Green influences, and Communist party lines with an eye to revealing possible Communist connections within the Green party realm. A thought provoking book."  'The Bookwatch', April 1996 The Midwest Book Review
"After I read this book, I woke-up. I've been asleep for 25 years. I'm a Vietnam vet and I saw how the Communist took over Vietnam. We can not allow Communists to take over right here in our own back yard! Get the facts, read 'Set Up & Sold Out'. We must ask the most important questions of our lives!
J. Holleman Creswell, OR
Every American shares a fundamental concern for and sincere appreciation of the beauty of our natural environment. We can all identify with the special feelings that automatically arise as we experience the wonder of nature; warm summer nights, crisp fall mornings or dark, cloudy, windy days. From creatures in the wild to a box full of puppies, even the scent of a freshly mown lawn stirs our senses. There is no question, Americans care about the environment, animals and nature.
Americans support environmental protection and taking the necessary steps to correct environmental problems. The dilemma we face is different than either of these points. The problem is, the environmental cause is being used to conceal the implementation of a specific political agenda most Americans are not aware of.
Our immediate challenge involves making more and better distinctions about the answers to environmental questions. We need to begin making distinctions between productive steps toward a healthy environment and steps to implement a political agenda under the guise of environmental protection.
Set Up and Sold Out is a revealing look into the secret side of environmental politics. Americans must understand there is a subversive motivation behind the push for drastic change and rigid environmental regulations. We are all involved. This is not a liberal vs. conservative or a Republican vs. Democrat issue. This situation transcends all others. No one is exempt.
Before better distinctions can be made, a general grasp of the situation is required. What does Green really mean? To most Americans, green still means the color. Many people now associate the color green with the environmental cause. Most Americans do not realize the word green is now defined in political terms.
Just Like Termites
While most Americans haven't even heard of the Greens, the Greens have been working away for years, just like termites, to weaken the foundation of our nation. Our nation is like our home. Our safety and comfort depend on a strong foundation. Last time we looked, our foundation was in decent shape. We felt safe. We had the time to focus our attention on other things.
Now there is a visible crack in the foundation. If we want to be safe, we need to repair the areas where damage has been done. A house with a weak foundation can collapse. The Green strategy is to change key elements within our society, until piece by piece, the America we know falls apart.
The Greens liken their vision to what appeared to be the overnight collapse of the Soviet Union. The only difference between the collapse of the two superpowers will be the result. The Green goal for a massive transformation in America promises to establish communism.


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which is not their government. The whole system of
American Government rests on the ballot box. Unless
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government is doomed to failure."
Calvin Coolidge, 30th President of the USA.