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Book List by Title
*Starred Titles are Reviewed
"Negro President" Willis, Garry
"Slick Willie" Brown, Floyd G.
2010 - Take Back America Morris, Dick
A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity O'Reilly, Bill
A Guide to American's Greatest Historical Plans American Heritage Magazine
A New Birth or FREEDOM Forbes, Steve
A Perfect Union Allgor, Catherine
A Seat at the Table Harrison, Patricia
A Struggle for Power: The American Revolution Draper, Theodore
A Vast Conspiracy (Real Story of Sex Scandal) Tobin, Jeffrey
Absolute Power Limbaugh, Rush
Against All Enemies (Inside America's War on Terror) Clarks, Richard A.
Alexander Hamilton A Life Randall, Willard Sterne
Alice (Roosevelt) Cordery, Stacy A.
All Too Human (A Political Education) Stephanopoulos, George
Allies Shawcross; William
*America Alone (The End of This World As We Know It) Steyn, Mark
American  Government & Politics Schmidt/Shelley/Bandes
American Federalism Dye, Thomas R.
American Lion Meacham, Jon
American Renaissance Cetron/Davies
American Soldier Franks, Thomas
America's 30 Years War - Who Is Winning? Vazsonyi, Balint
Ameritopia Levin, Mark
An End to Evil Frum, David & Perle, Richard
An Imperfect God: George Washington, His Slaves and the Creation of America Wiencek,Henry
An Inconvenient Book Beck, Glenn
Ante-Bellum Reform Davis, David Brean
April 1865 Winik, Joy
*Arguing with Idiots Beck, Glenn
Arkansas Mischief (The Birth of a National Scandal) McDougal, Jim & Wilkie, Curtis
Arrogance (Rescuing America from the Media Elite) Goldberg, Bernard
*Back to Basics for the Republican Party Zak, Michael
Banned in Britain: Beating the Liberal Blacklist Savage, Michael
Behind the Green Mask: UN Agenda 21 Koire, Rosa
Betrayal Gertz, Bill
Beyond Survival (A POW's Inspiring Story) Coffee, Gerald
Bias Goldberg, Bernard
Bill and Hillary - The Marriage Andersen, Christopher
Blood Sport (The President and His Adversaries) Stewart, James B.
Blue Planet in Green Shackles Klaus, Vaclav
Bob Dole Thompson, Jake
Boy Clinton (The Political Biography) Tyrrell, Jr., R. Emmett
Breaking With Moscow Shevchenko, Arkady N.
Case Against Barack Obama Freddoso, David
Catastrophe Morris, Dick
Censorship Jennings, Brian
Civil War Stories Bierce, Ambrose
Civil War, The (Reference) Bowman, John S. (Editor)
Clare Booth Luce Shadegg, Stephen
Collapse: How Societies Choose To Fail or Succeed Diamond, Jared
Common Sense Beck, Glenn
Common Sense in 2012 Robinson, Art
Condi vs. Hillary Morris, Dick
Condoleezza Rice (A Memoir) Rice, Condoleeza
Conflict & Compromise (How Congress Makes the Law) Elving, Ronald D.
Conservative Victory Hannity, Sean
Contrary to Popular Opinion Dershowitz, Alan M.
Cool It (The Skeptical Environmentalist's Guide to Global Warming) Lomborg, Bjorn
Courage and Consequences Rove, Karl
Courage: Orrin Hatch: Leading the Fight for Constitutional Rights Roderick, Lee
*Crazies to the Left of Me - Wimps to the Right Goldberg, Bernard
Crimes Against Liberty Limbaugh, David
Crimes Against Liberty - AUDIO Limbaugh, David
Critical: What We Can Do About The Health-Care Crisis Daschle, Tom
Culture of Corruption Malkin, Michelle
*Culture Warrior O'Reilly, Bill
Days of Fire Baker, Peter
Decision Points Bush, George W.
Dedication and Leadership Hyde, Douglas
Defiant Patriot (Life & Exploits of Lt. Colonel Oliver L. North) Meyer, Peter
*Deliver Us From Evil Hannity, Sean
Democracy in America Tocqueville, Alexis de
Demonic Coulter, Ann
Different Drummers May, Antoinette
Do The Right Thing Huckabee, Mike
Do-Gooders Charen, Mona
Eco-Freaks Berlau, John
Edmund Burke: A Genius Reconsidered Kirk, Russell
Every Vote Equal National Popular Vote
Everything You Think You Know About Politics Jamieson, Kathleen Hall
Extraordinary, Ordinary People Rice, Condoleeza
*Faith of My Fathers McCain, John
Fast and Furious Pavlich, Katie
Feminism & Freedom Levin, Mark
Fire at Eden's Gate: The Oregon Story McCall, Tom
Fire's Guide to Due Process & Fair Procedure on Campus Silvergate/Gewoeb
First Dogs Rowan, Roy & Janis, Brooke
Fleeced Morris, Dick
For The Record Regan, Donald T.
Free Market Environmentalism Anderson, Terry
Free Speech on Campus French/Silverglate/Lukianoff
Freedom of Speech: Audio Savage, Michael
From This Day Forward Roberts, Cokie & Steve
Game Change Heilemann, John
General Ike: A Personal Reminiscence Eisenhower, John S.D.
Gentlemean of the Senate: Orrin Hatch Roderick, Lee
George and Laura Andersen, Christopher
George W. Bush Rosenberg, Jeffrey
George Washington's Sacred Fire Lillback, Peter A.
Give Me A Break Stossel, John
Godless - The Church of Liberalism Coulter, Ann
Going Rogue Palin, Sarah
Great American Conservative Women Clare Booth Luce Foundation
Great Powers (America and the World After Bush) Barnett, Thomas P. M.
Harry Truman Memoirs Truman, Harry S.
Hell To Pay Olson, Barbara
High Crimes and Misdemeanors (The Case Against B.Clinton) Coulter, Ann
How the Left Switchboated America Gibson, John
How to Talk to a Liberal Coulter, Ann
I Can't Believe I'm Sitting Next to a Republican Stein, Harry
I Love You, Ronny Reagan, Nancy
If Democrats Had Brains Coulter, Ann
Imperial Hubris: Why the West is Losing the War on Terror Scheuer, Michael
In Contempt (O.J. Simpson Trial) Darden, Christopher
It Doesn't Take A Hero:  Schwarzkopf, General H. Norman 
It's My Party Too Whitman, Christine Todd
It's My Turn Graham, Ruth Bell
James Madison Willis, Garry
James Madison and the Struggle for the Bill of Rights Labunski, Richard
John Adams: Volume 1 1735-1784 Smith, Page
Journals 1952 - 2000 Schlesinger, Arthur M. Jr
Laura Bush: Spoken From The Heart Bush, Laura
Leadership and Crisis Jindal, Bobby
Leading The Way Edwards, Lee
Left Illusions: An Intellectual Odyssey Horowitz, David
*Let Freedom Ring Hannity, Sean
Liberal Fascism Goldberg, Jonah
Liberty & Tyranny Levin, Mark
Long Walk to Freedom Mandela, Nelson
Marching Toward Hell: America and Islam after Iraq Scheuer, Michael
Marco Polo, If You Can Buckley, William F. Jr.
Millie's Book Barbara Bush Foundation
Missiles of October Thomspon, Robert Smith
Mockingbird: A Portrait of Harper Lee Shields, Charles J.
Monica's Story Morton, Andrew
Mount Pleasant Poizner, Steve
*My American Journey Powell, Colin
Off With Their Heads Morris, Dick
Ogilvy on Advertising Ogilvy, David
Open Society: Reforming Global Capitalism Soros, George
Our Finest Hour: WWII Generation Greene, Bob
Out of Order Capaldi, Nicholas
Outrage Morris, Dik
Partners In Power (The Clintons & Their America) Morris, Roger
Patrotic Grace Noonan, Peggy
Pinheads & Patriots O'Reilly, Bill
Politically Incorrect Reed, Ralph
Politics & Policy Cox, George (Editor)
Power Grab Horner, Christopher C.
*Power to the People Ingraham, Laura
Presidential Leadership Tarento, James (editor)
Primary Colors, A Novel of Politics Anonymous
Psychological Nudity: Savage Radio Stories Savage, Michael
Radical Son Horowitz, David
Reagan Diaries Reagan, Ronald
Reclaim Your School Dacus, Brad & Susanne
Reinvesting Government Osborne/Gaebler
Religious Liberty on Campus French, David A
Right Angle Angle, Sharron
Right Now Steele, Michael
Rules for Patriots (booklet) Kibbe, Matt B.
Saving Freedom Demint, Jim
Scorpions For Breakfast Brewer, Jan
Screwed Morris, Dick
See, I Told You So Limbaugh, Rush
Sell Out: President Clinton's Impeachment Schippers, David 
Separation of Power Flynn, Vince
*Set Up & Sold Out Swanson, Holly
Shadow - Five Presidents & The Legacy of Watergate Woodward, Bob
Shariah The Threat to America Anonymous
*Shut Up and Sing Ingraham, Laura
Silent Sisterhood Branca, Patricia
Slander Coulter, Ann
Somebody's Gotta Say It Boortz, Neal
*Speak Like Churchill - Stand Like Lincoln Humes, James C.
Standing Firm Quayle, Dan
Steve Jobs Isaacson, Walter
Stop the Presses (Inside Story of New Media Revolution) Farah, Joseph
Storm Over Rangelands (Private Rights in Federal Lands) Hage, Wayne
Taking America Back (A radical plan to revive freedom) Farah, Joseph
Terrorism & Democracy Turner, Stansfield
The Age of American Unreason Jacoby, Susan
The Agenda (Inside the Clinton White House) Woodward, Bob
The Amateur: Barak Obama in the White House Klein, Edward
The Art of Political WAR Horowitz, David
The Audacity of Deceit O'Leary, Brad
The Audacity of Hope Obama, Barak
The Book of Virtues Benett, William J.
The China Study Campbell, Colin
The Coldest Winter: America and the Korean War Halbertsam, David
The Constitution Made Easy Holler, Michael
The Death of Outrage (Bill Clinton & the Assault on American Ideals) Benett, William J.
The Declaration of Independents Gillespie, Nick
The Economy In Mind Brookes, Warren T.
The Emancipation of the American Woman Sinclair, Andrew
The FairTax Book Boortz, Neal
*The Final Days (Last Desperate Abuses of Power) Olson, Barbara
The Final Move Beyound Iraq Evans, Mike
The First Ladies Caroli, Betty Boyd
The Gorax: an anti-environmentalist parody Spivack, Loren
The Greatest Generation Brokaw, Tom
The Healing of America Williamson, Marianne
The House and Senate Explained (People's Guide to Congress) Greenberg, Ellen
The Hunt for Bin Laden Moore, Robin
The Impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton Tyrrell, Jr., R. Emmett
The Inspirational Writings Peale, Norman Vincent
The Kite Runner Hosseini, Khaled
The Law Bastiat, Frederick
The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11 Wright, Lawrence
The Manchurian President Klein, Aaron
The New Democrat: a parody for conservatives Spivack, Loren
The Obama Diaries Ingraham, Laura
The Obama Nation Corsi, Jerome R.
The O'Reilly Factor for Kids O'Reilly, Bill
The Patriot's Toolbox Walberg, Herbert J.
The Persecution of Sarah Palin Continetti, Matthew
The Political Zoo Savage, Michael
The Presidents Club Gibbs, Nancy
The Price of Politics Woodward, Bob
The Reagan Wit Adler, Bill
The River of Doubt Millard, Condice
The Road to Serfdom Hayek, F.A.
The Rothchilds Morton, Drederic
The Satanic Gases: Clearing the Air About Global Warning Michaels, Patrick
The Savage Nation Savage, Michael
The Second American Revolution Patterson/Kim
The Secret Knowledge: on the secret of dismantling of American culture Mamet, David
The Secret Life of Bill Clinton (the unreported stories) Evans-Pritchard, Ambrose
The Seduction of Hillary Rodham Brock, David
The Skeptical Environmentalist Lomborg, Bjorn
The Snowball (Warren Buffet) Schroeder, Alice
The Truth about Hillary Clinton Klein, Edward
The War Against Population Kasun, Jacqueline
The Way Things Ought To Be Limbaugh, Rush
The World Came His Way (Jesse Helms) Dodd, John
They Own It All: Including You! MacDonald, Ronald
This Is Russell (Childrens) Gamec, Deborah
Through Our Enemies' Eyes: Osama bin Laden, Radical Islam and the Future of America Scheuer, Michael
Thunder on the Left: Insiders Report on the Hijacking of the Republican Party Aldrich, Gary
To Renew America Gingrich, Newt
Training by Treason Swanson, Holly
Treason Coulter, Ann
Trickle Up Poverty Savage, Michael
Unbridled Power (Inside the Secret Culture of the IRS) Davis, Shelley L.
Uncovering Clinton (A Reporter's Story) Isikoff, Michael
Unfit Command (re: John Kerry) O'Neill, John E. & Corsi, Jerome
Ursula, Under Hill, Ingrid
Useful Idiots Charen, Mona
Veiled Freedom Windle, J.M.
We The People: The Story of Our Constitution Cheney, Lynne
What Color Is Conservative Watts, J.C. Jr.
What's So Great About America D'Souza, Dinesh
When Character Was King (Ronald Reagan) Noonan, Peggy
Where's The Birth Certificate Corsi, Jerome R.
Who's Looking Out for You? O'Reilly, Bill
With Reagan: The Inside Story Meese, Edwin
Without A Doubt (O.J. Simpson Trial) Clark, Marcia
Wives of the Signers Barton, David (editor)
Year Of The Rat (How BC Compromised US Security for Chinese Cash) Timperlake, Edward & Triplett II, William
Register and Register
Family & Friends
"If the people fail to vote, a government will be developed
which is not their government. The whole system of
American Government rests on the ballot box. Unless
citizens perform their duties there, such a system of
government is doomed to failure."
Calvin Coolidge, 30th President of the USA.