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Terms & Conditions
Below is the list of books in our Library.  Members only are permitted to borrow the books.  You may borrow only one book at a time for a period of 30 days.  Books are picked up and or returned at either our Luncheon Meetings or Evening Meetings only.  To order a book you click on the Order Button on the Book List Page.  An e-mail connection to our Melp Chair Sheila Foy will pop up.  You can then fill out the name of the book you require.  Please specifity Luncheon or Evening Meeting.  The book will then be available for pick up at the next upcoming meeting.  When you pick up the book you will sign for it.  The borrower is responsible to return the book 30 days from receiving it. The replacement of Lost or Damaged Books is he responsibility of the Borrower.
If a book is out on loan.  It will appear in Red Ink.  At this time we cannot take a wait list,  please check back to see if has been returned. 

This is a wonderful service provided to our membership.  We accept donations of used books in good condition.  Thank you and enjoy the service......
Thank you to the following Members for
their contributions to our Lending Library
Sheila Foy
Valerie Smullen
Ruth Brodman
Jerry Barnes
Mette McDermott
Melissa Stiles
Willa Johnson
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