NFRW Club Spotlight

Club Spotlight

Jackson County Republican Women's Club 

JCRW Members in Red Coats - Legislative Day

JCRW Members in Salem On May 21st
Bottom Row—Left to right CeCe Cousteau, Charlotte Fairbank, Jan Esquivel, Lovella Moore, Vi Brewer
Top Row—Left to right Pat Tracey, Shawna Dye, Associate Member State Rep. Sal Esquivel, Danna Gustafson,
Kathy Hathaway, Ruth Brodman 

From the NFRW Newsletter – November 30th Copy

The two most significant accomplishments of the Jackson County Republican Women this year are a jump in membership and a successful fundraiser that have enabled the club to accomplish its goals. The club has grown its membership from 36 to 88 members with the goal of reaching 100 strong before year's end. The November meeting has reservations for 60 individuals with 15 guests - so the club will make the 100!

The second accomplishment is that the club presented a Reagan Barbecue in October for members and the community, and through generous donations, dinner tickets and a raffle, the event cleared $5,000 for the education fund. With these funds, the club plans to help members attend seminars and conventions, as well as provide more than 2,000 copies of the Constitution to middle and high school students in Jackson County.

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