The Case Against Barack Obama

The Case Against Barack Obama
by David Freddoso – Publisher Regnery – September 2008
He was "delivered to us," proclaimed Chris Matthews. He will transform America, healing our historical racial wounds. President Barack Obama will infuse us all with new hope. Many among the media and his followers have elevated him to nearly divine status. Barack Obama has escaped realistic appraisal and serious-minded critique more than any man (or woman) who has ever been elected to our nation's highest office.
In this shocking exposé, Freddoso demonstrates that despite the hype, Barack Obama doesn't represent "change" or new thinking in American politics at all. In reality, he is a far-left liberal politician in the mold of Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Al Gore, Mike Dukakis, and Walter Mondale -- but with charm and political savvy that rivals that of Bill Clinton.
Freddoso sticks to the facts. He reveals an Obama who is no angel "delivered to us," but who is no devil either. Freddoso digs through the archives of Obama's time in the Illinois state senate, and reveals new and unexplored aspects of Obama's career --proving that there is less than meets the eye to Obama's airy rhetoric about "Change" and "Hope." The real Barack Obama certainly is a man of hope: hope to govern America from the far Left. Freddoso introduces you to the Obama who will further divide America along the same lines as it has been divided for decades
A messiah? Hardly. Freddoso shows that as a man, Obama has unsurprising and common character flaws that do not set him apart from most. As a politician, he has lacked the courage to seek true reform. As a state senator, he silently and at times vocally cooperated with Chicago's Democratic Machine to preserve one of the most overtly corrupt political systems in the nation. And he maintains his silence even now that he has made it big and has the political capital to do something about it, because his closest political allies -- the ones who drafted and gave him popular, must-pass bills to herd through the state legislature -- are waist-deep in that corruption.
Above all, Freddoso proves that as a policy-maker, Obama has very bad ideas that would hurt America -- ideas no better than those espoused by Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, or any of Obama's other liberal ideological soulmates on Capitol Hill. America will not end under a President Obama, but it could be a very different place from the one we know now: an America burdened by the higher taxes Obama has promised for redistribution, and a Supreme Court full of young judges enthralled by the notion of "living, breathing Constitution" that says pretty much whatever they want it to say.
The reality behind the rhetoric, the plans behind the promises, and the faults behind the façade:
The real story of the early influences on the life of this extraordinary politician and ordinary liberal
Barack Obama: the product of a marriage between two of the least attractive parts of Democratic politics: the hard-core radicalism of the 1960s era and Chicago's big city machine.
Obama's most noteworthy liability: his total lack of experience in both politics and policy
Obama's one seriously contested election prior to his presidential run (he lost in a landslide)
How the Rev. Wright debacle reveals Obama's poor judgment of character and deceitful nature
Obama's political, social, and spiritual mentors (not just Rev. Wright) who express a serious ideological grievance against the United States of America -- and in some cases overt hatred for it
Obama's irregular land deal with a felon who has since been convicted of corrupting public officials
How Obama has disproportionately staffed his presidential campaign with persons responsible for bank collapses and scandals within financial institutions
How Obama has misled voters about his own views, his past personal relationships, and his political opponents
Raising taxes on "the wealthy": Obama's vote to raise yours if you make more than $32,500 per year
Playing hardball and knowing when to look the other way: how Obama has survived in the rough-and-tumble world of Chicago politics
Obama's high-minded drive to register voters in Chicago's black wards -- followed by his unscrupulous moves to have all of his opponents -- including an incumbent -- thrown off the ballot on a technicality, so that those voters had no choice and he could win his 1996 state Senate election unopposed
Obama's previous campaign tactics -- including getting other candidates disqualified and thrown off the ballot
Obama's previous political tactics -- including "playing along to get along" with the corrupt Chicago political machine
Why it won't be politics of change with President Obama -- it will be liberal politics as usual
Why Obama's inexperience and extreme left-wing voting record is more dangerous than any threat we face today
It is imprudent in the extreme -- and dangerous for our survival as a nation --for Americans to entertain false hopes about what Obama stands for and what he can accomplish in the way of changing history and American attitudes.
That's what makes The Case Against Barack Obama so important. Here is the book that moves beyond the rhetoric, giving you the sobering truth about the real Barack Obama: a typical big-government politician, a far-left liberal hack, and a serious threat to our national security


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