A Slobbering Love Affair - Barack Obama

A Slobbering Love Affair by Bernard Goldberg –Regnery Publishing – October 2009
Bernard Goldberg reveals. . .
It's gone beyond media bias: How the liberal media actively worked to elect Barack Obama President
A Slobbering Love Affair: The True (and Pathetic) Story of the Torrid Romance Between Barack Obama and the Mainstream Media
by Bernard Goldberg
"The press," Goldberg reminds us, "has constitutional protections for one main reason: to keep watch over a powerful government." If the press is compromised, a corrupt government that it favors will be able to get away with murder. That's the danger we all face when the mainstream media forgets its job and goes on a noble mission to make history -- as it did when it went into the tank for Obama. That's why A Slobbering Love Affair is a cautionary tale -- and a manual for action for conservatives who are determined not to let this brazen corruption continue.
How helping to elect our first African-American president would make liberal journalists feel better about the most important people in their lives – themselves
How the media's crush on Barack Obama began even before his presidential campaign
What can happen when the media comes to believe that their role is not simply to report the news, fairly and accurately, but to effect change in society
The many ways in which the most respected news outlets and journalists acted as press officers for the favored (Obama) and inquisitors of the unfavored (Hillary when she was running against Obama, and later Sarah Palin)
How the media elite didn't seem the least bit troubled by the raving lunacy of the Left brought on by Palin Derangement Syndrome
Jeremiah Wright: why he should have been the story that destroyed Obama's campaign before it even began and made Hillary Clinton the Democratic Party's nominee for president
The shaming of George Stephanopoulos: how the media elite made sure that no probing questions about Bill Ayers' links to Obama would be tolerated
Why the mainstream media has never gotten as excited about conservative black politicians such as Michael Steele as it has about Obama
John McCain: how he was a mainstream media favorite before he ran for President against Barack Obama -- mainly because he was not reliably conservative.
Plane-Gate: How Obama's decision to boot reporters from less-than-friendly papers off his campaign plane contradicted the post-partisan image Obama had carefully cultivated throughout his campaign -- but, like virtually all negative stories about Obama, was virtually ignored by the mainstream media
The Obama camp's vicious attacks on Obama whistle-blowers Milt Rosenberg and Stanley Kurtz: coordinated by a campaign whose mantra encouraged us to put aside the divisive politics of the past -- yet here again, the mainstream media showed no interest in the irony
Why the Fairness Doctrine isn't about balance at all, but is an attempt to exercise raw political power -- the power to cleanse the landscape of troublesome conservative ideas
How the New York Times, more than any other paper, has done a grave disservice to Barack Obama -- by deifying him, creating impossible expectations for his administration.
What may explain the dark profile of John McCain's wife that ran on the front page of the New York Times -- in a stark contrast to that paper's glowing portrait of Michelle Obama .
How more and more Americans are waking up to the full extent of media bias and advocacy -- while even the most shamelessly and rabidly biased reporters remain in a state of denial about their own bias, refusing to see the damage they are doing to themselves and to the nation
The real reason why the media's bias problem persists -- and why nothing will change anytime soon.
How the mainstream media is dying a slow death -- in part because of its open partisanship and advocacy for the Left.
Ten important questions that responsible journalists should have asked Barack Obama during his presidential campaign -- questions that remain unasked.


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